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The Time Lizard's Archaeologist

ISBN: 978-0-473-57891-6

Sometimes I think I’ve spent my life learning how to change gear, to shift from one state of consciousness to another. And sometimes I think I’ve fallen into a no-man’s land, and I’ve spent my life wandering, ghost-like and grieving, unable to find my way home.”

2016. Auckland psychologist, Jason Winston, grieving over the death of his sister and increasingly disorientated by dreams and visions, begins to experience an alternate reality. Here he encounters Aja, a woman on a mission to discover who destroyed her village and stole their powerful source of fuel.

2026. Auckland suffers an ecological crisis: the bee population is almost wiped out and the human population exposed to a debilitating virus. Isolated camps are established in the bush for those infected.

2036. A time of increasing food shortages, growing unrest and the influence of ‘The Flock’, which promises a haven for young people fearful of their future. Jason is approached by a young woman, Griffin, troubled by her own disturbing dreams and visions. Do they offer unusual insight or are they a sign of psychosis? Does she have access to timeless wisdom or is she delusional? Can Jason help her find a way to comprehend the past, survive the present and create a better future?

Moving seamlessly between different times and places, and with its intertwining of mythology, psychology, philosophy, ecology and environmental concerns, The Time Lizard’s Archaeologist explores the psyche of the modern world.

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