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The indie and boutique publishing industry (made up of writers and readers and those who connect them) is flourishing worldwide. This has been partly inspired by models such as the music business, which has changed beyond all recognition in the last 15 years.  Many musicians and bands wanted more creative ways to connect with audiences that what they felt had become the stifling and non-responsive control of recording companies.  The indie film industry also has followed a path, whereby actors and directors wanted to break away from the power of the established studio systems and to have better control over their own work, creativity and opportunities.  Indie publishing from a grass roots level is adapting to the changing publishing environment. Cloud Ink is playing an active role in launching the books of a talented selection of New Zealand writers onto the shelves.  Our aim is to foster a sense of community involvement, helping readers to connect with writers and writers to connect with readers. 


The article below highlights in more detail the challenges facing the New Zealand publishing industry.

Stuff - post culture - is this the end for New Zealand publishing? - Click here!


We’d however like to think that this is not the end for New Zealand publishing; that it is in fact a new beginning of an industry driven by readers and writers!

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