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From the historical to the fantastical, the real to the surreal, this exciting anthology of New Zealand fiction, poetry, and artwork presents the varied voices and styles of New Zealand writing at its best—exhibiting work from established and award-winning authors as well as some lively ‘fresh ink’ from previously unpublished literary voices. The second in this popular series, Fresh Ink 2019 is collated by James George.

CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE: Crispin Anderlini, Vivienne Bailey, Manu Berry, Madeleine Child, Wendy Clarke, Jenny Clay, Anne Curran, Hannah Davison, Alexandra Fraser, Katie Furze, Michael Giacon, Peter Graham, J.A. Grierson, Claire Hagan, Jacob Hagan, Sandi Hall, Trisha Hanifin, Kayleen Hazlehurst, Edna Heled, Paul Hewlett, Feby Idrus, Lincoln Jaques, Anna Knox, Clare Marcie, Lorraine Marson, Helen McNeil, Elizabeth McRae, Jacquie McRae, Dave Moore, Denise O’Hagan, Christina O’Reilly, Maris O’Rourke, Nataliya Oryshchuk, Janet Pates, Karen Phillips, Edith Poor, Garth Powell, Kirsty Powell, Vaughan Rapatahana, Gillian Roach, Emma Robinson, Henrica Schieving, Tina Shaw, Olivia Spooner, Andrew Stiggers, Ellie Stiggers, Jessica Thomas, Lee Tupuola-Madsen, Kathryn van Beek, Suzie Watt, Sally Wilkins, M.A. Wilkins, Lisa Williams, Briana Woolliams,

and Johnathan Worrall.

Materials are available to download to support articles or reviews.  Visit our media page.


"In these pages, we discover new, exciting voices of the future. A heady mix of story and poetry, prose and word-smithing is captured by the editor and offered to us as Fresh Ink 2019. Fresh indeed are the likes of Lorraine Marson's story, 'A Winter Journey', which with sharp eye and nuanced turn-of-phrase, examines the complexities of women's relationships. Fresh too the dazzling poetry of Alexandra Fraser, Michael Giacon, Elizabeth McRae, Jenny Clay and Paul Hewlett.  Indeed each piece here offers a high-point, the whole a gathering of new songs, new stories, welcome delights."

Siobhan Harvey / Author of Cloudboy (Otago University Press, 2014) and lecturer in creative writing at AUT

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