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Fresh Ink A Collection of Voices from Aotearoa New Zealand, 2021
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A gorilla in the supermarket queue, trapped birds, a refugee child's drawing of an elephant with orthopedic shoes, pandemic anecdotes, small bowls that catch the sun, a flaking Elvis statue and an Antipodean sky.


fresh ink 2021 is an anthology of new writing presenting the varied voices of New Zealand writers as they respond to the experience of Covid-19 that has touched us all in some way.


Established and award-winning authors sit alongside some lively ‘fresh ink’ from previously-unpublished voices. The third in this popular series, fresh ink 2021 is an exciting anthology presenting new work from a diverse group of New Zealand writers, poets and artists as they reflect upon the Covid-19 pandemic.


FEATURING: Crispin Anderlini, Tom Baragwanath, Bronwyn Calder, Brent Cantwell, Janet Charman, Alastair Clarke, Lilla Csorgo, Michelle Elvy, Kim Fulton, Nicholas Fairclough, Norman Franke, Michael Giacon, Pamela Gordon, Michael Gould, Siobhan Harvey, Trevor Hayes, Thalia Henry, Lily Holloway, Peta Hudson, Amanda Hurley, Adrienne Jansen, Stacey Kokaua, Wes Lee, Helen McNeil, Jenni Mandeno, Zoë Meager, Khadro Mohamed, Keith Nunes, Gerard O’Brien, Jackson C. Payne, Kirsty Powell, JCL Purchase, Pepper Raccoon, Vaughan Rapatahana, Jess Richards, Dougal Rillstone, Ruth Russ, Comfrey Sanders, Sarah Scott, Taarn Scott, Ila Selwyn, Erica Stretton, Miliama Tapusoa, Kirsteen Ure, Sophia Wilson and Pippi Woolston.



“Hopeful, heart-breaking, and sometimes humorous, the stories and poems in fresh ink 2021 explore and expose the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on individuals, communities, and across the world. The writing is shining and beautiful, the threads of meaning run deep, and we are reminded of the challenges faced, the losses, the discoveries, and of the way we are all connected.”



Back cover blurb

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