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Homegrown Books: Ephemera

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Robyn Welsh recommends Ephemera by Tina Shaw - Cloud Ink Press, 2019

Tina Shaw is the writer of several novels for teenagers and young adults.  She lives in Taupo.


Ephemera is scarily relevant and rich in character portrayals, scenery, time and place. I thought I’d need to wait a little longer until after the lockdown levels to read it, but in the end it was, for me, totally the right time to read this novel. I’d say to the faint hearted switch off the daily Covid news and read only this.

Then revisit where we have come from since March and where we are when you finally put it down, and marvel that a writer can be brave enough to bring together all the real-life global events and thread them together in this scenario.

Ephemera is available in print from NZ bookshops or from Cloud Ink Press either as a print book or an eBook.

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