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Rivers Ran Red is the first book in The Last of the Romans trilogy.


In a whirlwind of fire and carnage, Attila the Hun wheels half a million horseman towards Roman territory.


One war will decide the fate of civilization.


Can the battle-scarred general, Avitus, unite dubious allies and mortal enemies behind the eagle of Rome? The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains rages through the night. Individual acts of bravery and cowardice tip the balance. Rivers run red and burst their banks with blood. Dawn draws a portrait of unimaginable carnage.


In a tale of epic deeds, heroes confront insurmountable odds with honour and courage. Avitus, a battle-scared Roman general, faces a myriad of enemies, both Roman and barbarian, but can one man save civilization?


“…brilliantly described re-enactment of real historical leaders and characters intimately involved in the massive and decisive struggle. Told with all the literary finesse of the finest historical novels and as gripping as Game of Thrones.” Patric Hale, author and historian.

Rivers Ran Red

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